Having Jesus' Compassion 

Jesus showed compassion for people by His actions. As Jesus' disciples we also must compassionately service others. In the Gospel of Matthew we find several examples of Christ's compassion. By looking at these examples we will learn how to be compassionate followers of Christ.

Loving Our Enemies The Way Jesus Did 

Jesus shows us how to love our enemies the way He loved His enemies.

Jesus in the Festivals of Leviticus Twenty-Three  

For Christians the biblical festivals of Leviticus 23 are rich in meaning and understanding. The apostle Paul describes the festivals as a shadow, with Jesus being the body or substance casting the shadow. In this article we will examine Jesus’ crucial role as the body, behind the shadow of the festivals.

The Suffering and Death of Jesus Christ

The New Covenant Passover is a proclamation Jesus Christ’s death (1 Corinthians 11:23-26). But if Christians are going to proclaim Jesus’ death, it’s important that they know something about that death. This study will examine Jesus’ final hours of suffering and death.

A Narrative Harmony of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ PDF Version

This is a harmony of the events surrounding Jesus’ death and resurrection. What is unique about this harmony is the weaving together of the four gospel accounts into a single narrative.

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